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Savon Estate Planning is a division of Cosgrove Financial Services, LLC


Are you planning for your future?

Estate planning does not have to be expensive!

The best time to plan your estate is now. 

The best benefit is peace of mind. 

Estate Consultation & Preparation

Planning For Your Future

Make sure your loved ones are financially cared for with our help. Experienced, efficient and reasonable personalized estate plan. Estate planning allows an individual or family decide exactly who will benefit from their estate while avoiding the probate process. 

Living Trusts & Wills

Important options for Estate Planning to avoid probate court. 

Power of Attorney

Important to have in an estate plan to make sure someone can handle financial matters if you physically or mentally cannot. 

Health Care Proxy

A document with which a patient appoints an agent to legally make healthcare decisions on behalf of the patient when the patient is incapable of making decisions of their own.


About Rick Cosgrove

"My passion is to assist others from a "Help" standpoint as opposed to a "Sales" standpoint." 

I am the Founder, President and CEO of Savon Estate Planning. In this role I am focused on providing sound Estate Planning and consultative advice. Estate Planning and helping people avoid probate, and the unnecessary costs associated with the probate process is my passion.
I refer to this as Asset Protection.

I am no stranger to Estate Consulting having spent the last 25 years working in the Financial Services Industry, primarily holding the position of a Vice President/Branch Manager for 23 of those years. I had a very sound and rewarding career in Retail Banking achieving many top honors and rewards along the way. My passion is to assist others from a "Help" standpoint as opposed to a "Sales" standpoint. 

Rick Cosgrove

While working for the Banks in the last 25 years I have found that production (Product Sales) has taken precedence over providing sound financial advice when it comes to how to protect a client's assets. Mostly because the sales pressure is enormous and there is a lack of experience given the employee isn't typically trained on the Protection of Assets. This is where Savon Estate Planning can assist. I will provide a concierge level of support to my clients and provide them with the sound advice they need especially when it comes to working with their banks. 


Client Testimonials

Tom Nichols

As my former Banker, I fully endorse Rick Cosgrove. He's exceedingly more than competent, honest, fair, & hard working. He has generously given extra time and knowledge to help keep a single mother in her home with some innovative financial consultation.

Monique Lazaritt Zimmer

I got to work with Rick as my boss and he is definitely my favorite. I could not be more blessed to have known and worked with him. He provided me with a wealth of knowledge in helping others protect their assets. 

John Carter

My estate planning consultations with Rick Cosgrove was one of the best things I have decided to do in my life. After retaining Rick to write my living trust and will, I am confident my kids won't have to bear the unnecessary costs of a Probate Attorney. 


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Savon Estate Planning is a division of Cosgrove Financial Services, LLC

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